The  Young Maidens program  is designed for females between the ages of 12to 21 who, are struggling with  identity crisis because  they have fallen prey to human trafficking. Females across the United states specially High school  students  are being  targeted  by organized criminals  loose in our school communities. Young Maidens  work in the community  along with governmental  and state representatives. The program is reliable at ensuring that the punishment for sex trafficking is sufficiently severe and commensurate with similarly serious offenses such as rape, in order to hold the offender accountable and provide prosecutors with  effective  tools.

New law enforcement tools  now exist to  strengthen the prosecution and punishment of traffickers, making human trafficking a Federal crime. Countries ranked at Tier I as countries that fully comply with minimum standards in the U.S. State Department 2009 Trafficking in Persons Report have established sentences with ranges such as 2-15 years (Czech Republic) to “up to 10 years” (Austria, Korea) to 13-23 years (Colombia) to 12-25 years (Australia) to a maximum of life imprisonment (Nigeria). (See:  U.S. State Department 2009 Trafficking in Persons Report, 2009) Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA) (click here to read the full text)


Females that are 12 years old and sometimes younger are  falling  prey to this highly glamorized  life style  of  soliciting   sex  and eventually becoming addicted to drugs.  The consequences of this life style are sometimes detrimental and most often result in abuse , imprisonment  and eventually death.

The Young Maidens program is designed to dissuade  females from street prostitution, and sex before marriage.  The Young Maidens offer  a ten month  abstinence program  which  includes  teachings on entrepreneurial skills, counseling and individual Life coaching  plans. In addition, participants are  transformed into role models and become pillars within the community taking an oath not to  have sex  before marriage, and the sacredness of abstaining from sex with the same sex and  opposite sex.

Many females who live in disadvantaged communities who indulge in sex before marriage  end up   one or more of the following outcomes;  pregnant,  HIV positive, transgender, bisexual, poor sex education, in and out of relationships, and  low self esteem.  The young Maidens program offers  gender identification  counseling  and activities that  are centered around  raising individual self esteem. Participants  discover how to take responsibility for their sexual behavior and rest  in  forgiveness. Young Maidens are made up of role models and peer councilors who encourage  females  to develop a positive self images.

Females who successfully  complete the program objectives   develop a balanced self image and positive  feelings towards marriage and /or personal relationships. They  learn about the consequences of premature  sexually transmitted diseases, and  the  new strand of HIV AIDS that is spreading among many females who let go of their chastity  .

Activities—Personal  Fitness & Hygiene — Hospital visits – Etiquette class— Sewing—Fashion shows— Dance group  —Accessorizing & Styling— Cooking—Choir—Vocal training—Public motivational speaking & development— Bus tours to college campuses, substance abuse prevention, youth domestic violence counseling—and Spiritual Development.